Our Services


Capital Markets Advisory

Gateway Capital Partners‘ services are centered around an independent advice embedded in long-term relationships coupled with a profound understanding of international capital markets. We provide independent advice to corporates and shareholders, be they public or private, with complex financings by equity, debt or hybrid. Our clients seek advice in successfully navigating in an often intransparent market. For our clients, we provide indepht access to the understanding of current capabilities of financial institutions, investor sentiment, offerings of new financial marketplaces, pricing, regulatory requirements, documentation, capital markets best practise and code of conduct as well as execution process management. Our services comprise the following:


Equity capital raising advisory

Gateway Capital Partners offers independent advice to clients on a wide range of equity capital raising transactions. We use our expertise to deliver the best equity capital market outcomes for our clients, including better organised and supervised distribution, better pricing, more accurate market judgement, and improved terms with syndicate banks. The experience of our partners enables us to gain a detailed understanding of investor behaviour, optimal deal structures, performance of key market participants and the latest market trends. As a result, we provide clients with unique insights into the execution of recent offerings and the track record of syndicate banks and bookrunners. As an independent adviser, we are not conflicted by lending or other risk exposures to clients, by the economic benefits that relationship banks and brokers might gain by pursuing one financing goal over another, or by equity-dealing loyalties and relationships with institutional and hedge fund investors. Our pure advisory business model enables us to focus solely on achieving the best possible result for our clients and minimising their execution risk when issuing equity. We assist in particular in issue structuring, IPO/rights issue/placing readiness preparation and testing, syndicate selection and transaction execution/project management,


Debt capital raising advisory

Gateway Capital Partners advises companies, private equity houses, institutional clients and other investors on financing strategy and deliver creative solutions from a wide range of financing sources. Our position as an independent advisor enables us to objectively examine all possible structures and alternatives and select the best solution for our clients. Our network nature nurtures constant dialogue with banks, mezzanine providers, investors, listing authorities and agencies, which give us detailed knowledge of current trends and practices across debt, equity and equity-linked markets. 

Equity advisory and strategic capital markets positioning

The Gateway Capital Partners‘ network is privileged to assist listed corporates on a continuous basis with strategic investor relations support to optimally position a company in the capital markets. This entails shareholder analysis, investor sentiment analysis, capital structure advisory, roadshow planning and investor targeting, integrating other corporate finance and capital markets capabilities as appropriate.